11 August 2009

Street Fashion-Nabila

I'm very honoured to have nabila as the first girl that is featured in my blog.Having seen her quirky but modest fashion sense in some hijabi sister blog like stylishmuslimah,i had the feelings like as if i know her!Then i find the answer.Her blog is actually the first site that i boormark in my web browser,among hundreds other site.And at that time when i found her site,i actually fall for her super cute plushies toy and her quirky tshirt design business.Her creativity earned her a place in local art scene such as bijou bazaar and tounge in chic.Lately i always saw her in some of the sisters blog,and having my own blog now,i'd like to know more about her.I love nabila fashion sense.She looks sophisticated in vintage,she carry different colours and style,accessorizing herself with stylish bags,and she loves to wear different type of pants. Not to forget,she's also featured in Chictopia.Now ,how cool is that.A hijabi fashionista with a sheer confidence....

Plushies Toy.Bowties friends

Monster attack

So here's my interview with nabila

1)Tell us a lil bit about yourself

I'm a Year 4 student, my final year, and I'm studying at Institut Perguruan Bahasa-bahasa Antarabangsa. I'm doing B. Ed. TESL tweening program with University of Auckland, NZ. Right now I'm doing my 3-month practicum at a highschool in Subang. I like to shop, and I shop pretty much everywhere ^^;;; bundle, online vintage blogs, Trademe (NZ's answer to ebay), highstreet shops, FOS, and where ever.

2)What kinda of hijab do u like to wear,and what hijab style do u like ?

I wear the normal tudung bawal type and also the selendang type. You know, lilit-lilit tu haha I dont know what they call that.

3)As a muslima fasionista,whats is ur fashion mantra?Do u have any signature style(as i see u're so much into vintage).Or are u up to any style?

Well, I dont really see myself as a "fashionista". I pretty much wear what I like and what I feel like wearing. Plus, I dont think I have a signature style. I think what I wear totally depends on my mood (and the weather) at that point.. I also think that I'm pretty open to different kinds of style, and not just one specific style.

4)I learn that you're so much into different pants style.While some people like me dont have the guts to pull out some style like wide leg pants,u do justice in carrying the look.Any tips on how to choose different pants style?

Ah yes, right now I prefer tapered pants to skinny jeans. I really like the shape of it. They are pretty structured and comfortable. I guess you have to know your body shape well. And just try on the pants before passing it off just like that. You wouldnt know how they would actually look like on you unless you try them out first right?

5)Fashion tips for the muslima fashionista out there

Please dont wear leggings/tights if youre wearing the scarf/hijab. That's one pet peeve that I have ^^;;; Besides that, know what you like, and dress how you like, and adhere to the things you need to follow, being a Muslim and all. It's a learning process, everyone's learning, yes? Dont blindly follow some trend just because it's cool :)

Here is some of my favourite picture of nabila

This is nabila favourite style

Cardigan: Dotti, bought in Auckland
Shoes: Topshop, a birthday gift from a friend
Bag: Topshop, a birthday gift to myself ^^;;;
Tshirt: Reject Shop/FOS I dont remember.
Belt: Dotti
My very big thanks to nabila for responding to my e-mail.So what do you think of nabila style?


  1. hi, i have a mainstream blog not about hijabis, but i do have many hijabi friends, so i want to do a special post about girls who wear hijab. do you have a link for nabila's site? i really love her style and would like to include her. email me at jessy@mascaraormotoroil.com. thanks!!


  2. Wow never knew anyone could look good or cool in Reject Shop or F.O.S. She does lol.


  3. super like it..i really have now idea what toweqar daily im muslim filipino here in marawi city,,,i really appreciate ur blog... super nice

  4. nice ! i like it !

  5. the pants it's haram in islam sister.

  6. Nice Blog.
    Thanks for Sharing.

    Street Style

    Hug and kisses.

  7. i am sorry butttt .... in those pics i do see fashion and goot style but i don't see hijab !! i wear hijab myself and i like to look good but in way that does not contradict with islam's teaching =)