05 August 2009

An insight into malaysian hijab culture

The hijab culture in malaysia is one amusing story.The young and old love to experiment with their hijab style from time to time.Design always changing,new trend come and go.You can find so many style over here,ranging from very big hijab to a mere head cover.The malay people like to match their hijab color with their outfit,thus one can find many choice of colours in the shop.From plain to prints,to embroided to beads,cotton to silk,the choice and design is endless.

Hijab in Malay language is called "tudung".So its very common for us to call a certain type of hijab as "tudung this" and "tudung that".The typical malay style hijab that is well known is called tudung bawal.It is made from a material called voile (Voile is a light weight woven fabric, generally made of 100% cotton or cotton mixes including linen or polyester).This fabric is very light and comfy .Depending on the quality of the voile,the cheap ones usually is a bit rough to the touch,while the more pricier goes very soft and lightweight.a plain tudung bawal is cheaper and usually made by a lower grade of voile,while the heavy embroided and crystallized ones can reach hundreds of ringgit.Tudung bawal comes in square shape,folded in the middle to form a triangle,and usually worn with matching brooch.

Square hijab-how to

Batik printed silk scarf

The younger generation loves to experiment with various hijab style.Pashmina shawl,made famous by tv personality Wardina Saffiyah,win the hearts of the youngsters because it can be shape into many style.Wrap it over head,twist it,gypsy or egyptian style,its so versatile.its also functional to carry a pashmina as it can double into a wraps over a cold rainy day,or to cover our body if our aurah is showing.Wearing a long wrap hijab like pashmina and shaylas may be tricky,but the youngsters love it.I've seen so many young girls on the street trying to pull out the shayla's look.

wrap around shawl

The youngsters love to experiment with different style of wraps

The current obsession in malaysia hijab trend is the awning style hijab,but from my observation,this hijab are more likely sought after by women in their mid 20's and above.The teenagers prefer the normal square hijab or shawl/wrap around.The awning style hijab has the special awning "cap" that can make your face visual contour look better.This hijab style,i believe,is influenced from indonesian hijab style,where they are famous with the "cap" style.Personally i have never try this hijab so i dont know much about the fabric.Here's some picture of the awning style hijab

awning hijab a.k.a tudung Ekin a.k.a tudung dubai

2 tone awning hijab

Another type of a larger scale hijab is called round hijab.This hijab usually is large in diameter,generously covering the front and back of women body,typically worn by the devoted muslimah,some wear it with niqab.Its also known as school uniform in religous school.Here's a picture of the round hijab

Round hijab a.k.a Tudung Bulat

Round Hijab

Over recent years,there has been trends on celebrity turning into hijabi.This positive move has also influence their fans to cover up.Many actress that are still acting and covered in the same time.The hijab trend also seen shampoo company like sunsilk made their first commercial with no hair flashing,with model totally donned in hijab.

The trend of hijab also has seen publishers are putting interest to make muslimah magazine.

Dara.com magazine for teenagers and young adult

Nur magazine for career woman

Aniqah magazine

Here are some pictures of famous malaysian celebrity that are hijabi

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.Prominent singer


Heliza Helmi.Singer,Actress

Nurul Shuhada.Tv3 presenter.She's not a hijabi,but i credit her for this picture,for her bravery to go to Gaza

Nurul Shuhada.Tv3 presenter


  1. Salam!

    I'm working on launching a new online magazine, Muslima.Ink. It aims to be fun, inspiring and to reflect the diversity of the global muslima community.

    Because Muslima.Ink will be user-generated, written and edited by volunteers, we are always looking for contributors. Your posts about Malaysian Hijab culture is exactly the sort of thing we are looking for, so I wonder if you would allow us to republish your work as an article in our first issue?

    Looking forward to your reply,

  2. How could you say Siti is wearing a hijab when the "aurah" is clearly seen (her Hair). This will create confusion among muslim and non muslim. Are you condoning this kind of maksiat?

  3. rafizal,

    There is a caption above siti picture,written:
    Here are some pictures of famous malaysian celebrity that are hijabi

    By the caption,I'm trying to say that these people are hijabi,by means she's a hijabi no matter what her hijab style,make it tudung labuh sampai ke lantai ke,selendang ke,whatever lah.The subject here is : she is a hijabi.She's a hijab clad women.she wears proper hijab sometimes.

    I'm not gonna write about what type of hijab she wear,cuz thats between her and Allah.and InsyaAllah,im not promoting confusion among muslim and non muslim :)

  4. I think you should exclude Dato Siti from your list of Hijabis, be it celebrity or not. A Hijabi is a woman who wears a hijab - a veil that covers a woman's aurat and is brought forth to cover her chest as well "...to extend their headcoverings (khimars) to cover their bosoms (jaybs)"(Sura An-Nur: 31)

    Saying Dato Siti as a woman wearing a veil is more appropriate than a Hijabi since a veil does not necessarily cover the whole head. While Hijab has a very Islamic connotation which should give the proper image of how the aurah should be covered. Wrongly labeling a picture could confuse many youngsters or those that are new to Islam, naudhubillah.

  5. what kind of singers, actresses are they? Aren't they living against the islamic teachings?

    and yes i agree that what siti wears is absolutely no hijab

  6. syuhada tak layak pegang senapang tu, dan tak layak di gelar sri kandi gaza..mcm die la heroin nye..setakat pegang senapang nak menunjuk, bek tak yah...sri kandi gaza konon, pakai tudung pn tak betul lg..iman sendiri tak teguh, lg mau jd srikandi gaza..

  7. Great article. Thanks for sharing...

  8. i think u should just remove comment dari people yg always think negative trhadap org lain.depa ni tau condemn je sumenya serba tak kena

  9. ifa athirah,,,,

    betul betul betul......

    semua orang boleh bercakap itu ini tapi mereka bukanlah wali keramat yang jalannya lurus sejak azali

    end of story

  10. Kita boleh cari hadis nabi yang melarang kita mengutuk saudara islam kita yang membuat kesalahan. Refer to this blog - psikologi hadis.blogspot.

    Kutukan ni boleh mengundang benci. dan kebencian mungkin boleh menghalang mereka dari membuat kebaikan yang islam suruh. Hindarkan dari menghukum orang.. Iman kita ni turun naik, mungkin satu hari tudung dia lbih labuh dari kita.. kita pun tak tau kita ni macammana kelak. kot sebelum Allah tarik nyawa ada iman dalam hati lagi ke tak pun kita tak tau. Doakan yang terbaik..

    Dalam dakwah tak boleh juga asyik nahi mungkar je.. amar makruf nya kena ada juga.. apa kata kita sama-sama raikan perubahan positif, dan galakkan kebaikan yang ada. Allahua'lam.

  11. great article.thank you for sharing sis..
    doakan supaya Allah bukakan pintu hati kita agar dapat petunjuk ke jalan yg benar...bukan kutuk mengutuk sesama kita yg seagama...
    p/s:am not defending siti...not even a fan of her...may Allah guide her to wear proper hijab one day...

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  13. Malaysian hijab cultural is same with the other world as the process of new designs and styles are being created to attaract the hijabis. Now a days many of the designs are popular in the world.