23 August 2009

A message from muslima ink

For our first issue (deadline 5th September) we are particularly interested in Ramadan traditions and recipes from around the world. We would be grateful if you could help us recruit someone to do a short piece on Ramadan traditions in Malaysia (e.g street decorations, drinks and sweets, TV programs...etc) and/or Malaysian Ramadan recipes, with photos if possible.

Below is a message about Muslima.Ink. It would be great if you could forward this to your friends and anyone who might be interested in the project!


Muslima.Ink is a new online magazine for Muslimas, which aims to be dynamic, fun, and interesting. Because Muslima.Ink is a user-generated magazine written and edited by volunteers, we are always looking for editors and contributors. As an editor, you can commit as much or as little time as suits your schedule, while contributors can send in as many submissions as they choose.

We welcome both written contributions and/or photography and artwork. If you would like your work to be featured in Muslima.Ink, please send your contribution to muslima.ink@live.com as an email attachment.

Your written piece can be as long or short as you like, and any genre of writing is welcome: stories, poems, articles, interviews, media analysis, reviews of books and films, travel guides, cultural news, health & fashion tips, recipes, careers and study advice...etc. The only limit is your imagination!

Help us spread the word by joining the Facebook group, and forwarding this message to anyone you think might be interesting in being part of the project!


If you have any ideas or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes,
Tasnim Qutait


So girls out there,if you love writing articles,this is your time to give it a try.If you not into writing,you can send photos,recipes from your place,poems,art related pieces and so on.Together lets support this project and contribute towards development of this project

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