07 March 2011

olá brazil

I was wondering on why i got so many visitors from Brazil.Then i found this blog that wrote about malaysian hijabi,with beautiful pictures and articles in portuguese (yes i google translate).So thank you Tati for writing a nice article about us.here is the link to the post

Burqas na Malásia

06 March 2011

First post in 2011,and welcome spring

Hi and salam everyone.Sorry for the long hiatus,I have been unavailable and missing out many hijabi scene,among are maysaa hype in town,it's very exciting to see the many beautifully dress hijabi get together and celebrate the beauty of hijab and modest clothing.I'm thrilled to see many wonderfuly hijabi blog out there,sharing the same passion.As for Hana Tajima,I can say that I adore the minimalist and sleek design of her,as I'm always a modernist and minimalist kind of women

Thanks to those who has been visiting this blog,being a silent reader,commenting and following,even though in times that I have not write for nearly 7 months,your love and support is very much appreciated

A little snippet of the SS 2011 trend
if you don't get the clue of what to wear,mix and match for the spring,why don't indulge in accessorizing your feet and arm in delightful candy color.Trust me,you'll never go wrong with these accessories as you can wear it all year round especially in our tropical country

Hermes Jiger clutch/span>

Homegrown brand Saku

Swatch Lady watch collection

YSL love ballerinas

Coach SS 2011 collection

The wedges are getting bigger,bolder and wicker.check them out.and the bigger,the better.from Pierre Hardy,Lanvin,Topshop

Alejandro Ingelmo for Chris Benz’s spring 2011 collection

And in case you are still clueless of what to choose,go for sunglasses.Immerse retro chic style with cat eyes,kooky round eyes,butterflies shape,go crazy experimenting with fun and playful shape

Prada SS 2011

House of Harlow 1960

House of Harlow 1960

House of Harlow 1960

Hope you like my post.Take care everyone and have a nice weekend.Stay fabulous :P

chickenbag? lol....now thats ridiculous and degrading


14 July 2010

a sneak preview of kasyaf by Hatta Dolmat

hi and assalamualaikum.hows everyone doing.....I hope everyone is okay and under protection of Allah.Alhamdulillah im fine.This post gonna be a short post but with lost of pics to lust for :D hehehehe

Kasyaf is a new label of muslimah couture by a prominent young designer,Hatta Dolmat.

Quote from Hatta website :

For this collection,Hatta Dolmat popularized the use of lycra fabric in styling muslimah couture,in variety of design and silhouette,kasyaf tries to give something new to the high end women about muslimah couture through a modest design but still gives satisfaction in term of style

Chiffon fabric is still on demand in the market,for this reason Hatta try to expand the use of lycra in the local fashion scene

There are not much information yet about this collection,lets wait until the official launch or press covers.On my personal view,I like the collection,it looks exclusive,elegant,modern and modest.Although kaftan is so normal in the muslimah couture scene,I shouldn't judge bcuz he knows better and has made research related to hijabi style.The kaftan kurung is definitely a fresh new idea and these 2 pieces is great for mix and match.Most of the pieces are plain without prints with elaborate flares and decorated with fine detailing at the sleeves,body and shoulder area and .I'm not sure of the motive/pattern of the detailing but it translates to luxury.Color wise all comes in bright color.Overall,as the first attempt in making muslimah couture clothing,he succesfully injects haute couture into the design of this collection without compromising on modesty.

2 pieces kaftan kurung

saya suka kain yang terbang2 tu...lol...loves the flying flares .....so dreamy

lady in ahmar

green for islam......

my favourite bcuz i like the colour and the flowing flares

jangan main2 ni semua baju ribu riban..... :d ha gurau je ok

mr designer at work

Till we meet again....take care everyone


16 June 2010

Greetings everyone....

Salam and greetings everyone,I'm very sorry that I haven't update for a very long time.It's hard to make a post when I have limited access to the net,bcuz everytime I make a post it always took few hours for me to finalize,I do like to make a quality article.I'm thinking to revamp my blog,decorate here and there,update my blogroll and add more friends.Thanks to everyone that has been visiting and reading my blog all this while,I really appreciate.My blog will blow its 1 year candle in august.I'll write bout summer trend for the next post,so keep coming back ok.....take care for now and wassalam

P/s : Im putting this cartoon comedy after reading farah taufik article about the camel hump/gamboa .Its very funny how some women is very obsessed about gamboa and there's a strereotype of the bigger,the better.This cartoon is very funny ,you can get the picture even if u dont understand arabic.


21 April 2010

the new rave....multi colour inner scarve

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and how are you? I hope everyone is doing great.I'm terribly sorry that I haven't update as frequent as before.But alas I'm really trying my best to live up my blog.So today I would like to write about the multi colour scarves.This style is kinds new here in Malaysia but I think I've seen in some photo of foreigner muslima wearing like this before.This style look very interesting and inspiring especially to be worn with shayla,long scarves or pashmina.

picture taken from butik Nara

picture taken from lorongsetia8.com


So did anyone went to to see the 1st Malaysia international shoe exhibition in pwtc 2 weeks ago? I went on the last day late that evening and they were already clearing the place.The exhibition room look nicely decorated with stage with chandelier lamps and some fancy couture dress.I happened to pass by Dato Jimmy Choo and I nodded and smile at him :) he was being ushered out from the room.I got to take these two stunning shoes pictures from Bill Keith booth

uber cute...... I dont mind to wear this anywhere lol.from Bill Keith

Look at the bling.....so tempting

The avant garde design.from Bill Keith

And these are pictures that i took from other websites

The ever famous Dato' Jimmy Choo

A whopping RM 230 K? oh ok ,thanks!

In my dreams....fi ahlam lol

I hope everyone have a good day ahead.......Take care for now and salam from me.bye bye


30 January 2010

Rizalman ibrahim hijabi ready to wear.....gotta love it

Assalamualaikum and how are you doing.I hope everyone is doing great.I know its been late but I still wanna wish :Happy New Year and wishing for a great life ahead.

I'm very sorry that I haven't update for months,reason being I've lost my sense of blogging.But I will not forget my vow when I made this blog,that I wanna improve my English,and make friend with the other sisters and exchanging views with them,especially issues related to muslimah and hijabi fashion.I love to see how the other sister talks about the importance of islamic dressing code and how they apply it to their everyday life no matter where they are.

So now I'm back,and I dont have many ideas on what to write,I did before listing some topic that I wanna write here,but that is last year and I totally had forgotten them

ok so first I wanna make a review about our own malaysian designer,Rizalman Ibrahim first ready wear muslima collection.The label is called "puteh" whichs translates to "white".Many of the design are primarily long loose tunic and caftan,which is very versatile and is a favourite among the hijabi celebrity in malaysia.I often see Ekin donning this kinda of style.Most of the design looks very elegant,with oriental inspire stones/beads detailing around the neck and the sleeve.I like the minimalist look with couture touch which he translate in his pieces.And the colors is inspiringly spring too...you can see hues of fuchsia,cobalt blue,soft tone yellow,satin grey,and the staple black.

I also would like to comment on this photo from sartorialist.I think it's the first time I saw hijabi photo in sartorialist(correct me if I'm wrong).This photo is undeniably great.The women put on an assemble like as if she is ready for the photo shoot.Her earring,her scarf,her bags all coordinates well.and the photo itself looks so professional,as if she's a real life model.Her expression,her smile....is so priceless.It shows how happy and wonderful she feels for being a hijabi.One aspiring picture i must say

On my quirky side,I'm longing this LuLu Guinness clutches,I want all of the colour available hehehe,of course,there's no harm in dreaming ;).I even got myself a handbag with a lippie opening and i love it to bits,but these clutches are just so girly and tempting,not the price though.

I close this entry with pictures of malaysian hijabi celebrity at the last IFF.I'm terribly sorry ,I have no idea what to write but i really miss to blog.I miss all of you my sister,I cant name all of you bcuz it maybe wont do fair but you know it.In malaysia and abroad....always in my remembrance.Take care for now .maas salama