18 August 2009

Malaysian muslimah-Their choosen attire

One of the reason that I make this blog is because I wanted to share with the people out there about the hijabi scene in malaysia.This is because I often stumble upon malaysian hijab and clothing articles in other non malaysian sisters.they show interest on our square tudung bawal,baju kurung and they adore our wedding dress.I got the urge to make this blog so that I could share with the sisters out there who would like to know more about what the hijabi here wear and about our culture.Please take note that I'm not promoting certain way of dressing,I would fairly write about any hijabi dressing style.If I saw a sister wearing her hijab and her chest and all her body covered,i would say : Alhamdulillah,and I would pray for her to dress better if there's something misssing in her dressing

The hijabi youngsters here love to wear casual,by means they love the casualty of western clothing.Some wear it right,with t-shirt long enough to cover their hands and bottom,but sadly,some not.Some groups of young women prefers to wear traditional clothes like baju kurung and baju kebaya,and you can see many of them in town clad in their traditonal clothes going out and about their business.

Young women love to wear casual

A minority of youngsters choose jubah(jalabiya) and niqab/purdah as their daily wear.They usually pair their jubah with a tudung bulat(a large scale round shape hijab).

Jubah paired with large round hijab and niqab

The older aunties,usually choose long blouse with long skirts.But still,many loves baju kurung.Baju kurung is one of our traditional dress.It's a long sleeve knee length dress,paired with the matching long skirt.Baju kurung is also the traditional clothes for the Malay people in Riau,Indonesia,Singapore, Brunei,and surprisingly,I found this in Wikipedia,Cocos Island in Australia,where the malay minority still lives there.There are a few types of baju kurung ,namely baju kurung kedah,baju kurung pahang,baju kurung cekak musang,baju kurung moden and baju kurung johor.The fabric for baju kurung varies,from cotton,chiffon to silk.Over times,baju kurung has evolve into many "moderm design" tu suits the younger generation taste.Baju kurung is the official wear in government agencies and also offical school uniform.Malaysian women loves the baju kurung so much that you can sometimes see chinese and indian women wear it,especially on friday.Chinese and indian school girl wearing baju kurung uniform is also a common sight in here.

Baju Kurung

Baju kebaya is a button down long dress,with waist cut,paired with matching long skirt.This outfit is body hugging,but some hijabi tailored it loose so its not too tight on them.Its the preferred outfit for wedding as well.Baju kebaya is also the traditional dress for Indonesian women and peranakan women(a chinese minority group that adapt to malay culture).During old days baju kebaya and baju kurung is the daily wear for the women.My grandmother is still wearing these two outfit as her daily wear.

A long kebaya

A modern take on kebaya

A short kebaya peranakan.Heavy embroidery with floral motive

What the women here wear,maybe not much different from other oriental muslim country.Where you can see a variety of dressing style,where traditional identity clash with the modernity wave.


  1. Salam'Alaikum

    Wow...where did u get all these beautiful black n white photos of women clad in traditional clothing? Really nice. And, yup, Malaysian Muslim sisters wear colourful and beautiful clothes. Alhamdulillah :)

  2. waalaikum salam nurul

    those classics pictures i found on net.Very nice to reminisce the old days.After all my grandma is still wearing all these clothes like long kebaya paired with batik sarong as her everyday wear

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