27 August 2009

Pre-eid shopping

I went to sunway pyramid last nite to check on bib necklace.I arrive at around 9 pm.Not having much time,I rush to miss selfridge.They got one bib necklace with purple stones.But all the accessories are from Diva.They are on 50% discount.I left the shop,rushing to check other shop.A few shop forward,I found diva.I love this Australian brand,they categorize accessories by colours and all of their accessories are affordable and trendy.My eyes scanning the items hanging neatly on the display,and tadaaa....the first thing I spotted is a lace bib necklace,almost similar with the picture I put in previous post, with additional stones.Ok sabar....sabar...I told myself.I scan some more and i saw this one large stone bib,grab it and put it on.Its nice,quite large with a glamour touch to it.

@ miss selfridge

Black lace bib @ Diva , and my stones shayla's

Overall,there are some nice bib design at Diva.But mostly are black colour.I become confuse as which one to buy.I count my budget.haha.Try out a few bangles and bracelet,and after much consideration.....I bought two bracelet.One is this faux diamond and pearl bracelet to wear for eid,and one is gypsy coins bracelet for casual day outing.

I told myself I'll buy bib necklace after eid.Now what is important is to buy stuff for eid

And that's one of the reason why I excuse myself to buy a new wallet cum clutch.Its glossy,with a gold chain strap and a line of small stones to add the glamour touch to it.ceh perasaan hehe :D .I been thinking to buy this for quite some time,considering that almost all my bag are either normal size or supersize,and I'm not gonna toting them around during eid.

Eid hauls

Stacks of accessories to empty your wallet :d

I consider myself lucky to find something worth to buy within one hour.Most importantly its something that I like.Sometimes I roaming around mall for hours but couldn't really find something that I like and suit my budget.So whats your eid shopping list?


  1. ya Allah!!cantiknya!! i pun tgh kumpul bib necklaces nih... u cbe tgk website ni..dia ada jual stuffs from Primark(Dublin) tp murah!! i ada bli 1 bib necklace ni kat situ..

  2. i love your choices.
    vintage accesories can go along throughout the years!

  3. ya..cantik!
    but sy sgt tertarik dengan your white long cardigan!

    can share about it?

  4. salam shea,i check their blog,love it,especially the zippers shirt.the snake cuff featured ,also can buy in diva,the snake cuff is so famous tapi i allergic with snake hehe.the studded black skirt they sell,remind me of a black skinny(but not so tight like topshop) i buy from mng outlet at a steal of rm23,it has stud ensemble like that.

    they sell the bib so cheap.i will definitely check them again

    i have something to complain about online shopping.some of them are cheap but some not.For me,online shopping should be cheap bcuz they dont rent shop bla bla.dahla tak boleh pegang test tengok.just my 2 cent

  5. nurul khairunie,i like vintage too especially design that looks romantic and fairytale

    fairy....that cardigan i bought maybe 2 years ago from isetan klcc.the brand name is cultivation.Most of their clothes masatu is formal clothing but u can still mix and match to create a casual look.I bought this cardigan at RM80,consider its cheap bcuz usually knitted cardigan is xpensive la,more than 100.This cardigan i think is very good quality sebab waktu hujan2 bila pakai ni kurang sikit rasa menggigil.walaupun cardigan ni berlubang2 sikit tapi tetap la boleh panaskan badan.

    nak beli long cardigan memang agak mahal sikit,so tunggu la waktu2 sale.takpun kena rajin carik.

  6. yeah.
    i love ur knitted cardigan too.
    u look slim n slender la.
    n that bib neckclace in the 4th pic,

  7. hi ween.selamat pagi.ween kat melaka ye.That bib necklace memang gorgeous,harga dia RM89 ha kumpul la duit raya awak banyak2 hehe.Rantai ni agak berat sikit sesuwei la harga dia mahal :) ni kira boleh masuk dalam wasiat la huhu

    oleh sebab bib necklace ni main ikat2 je,so senang nak adjust panjang pendek bila pakai.ok lah ween have a nice day

  8. he. yep. ween from mlk. omg RM89, kalau RM8.90 bole la ween beli! ngeh3. before this I have no idea mcm mana nak pakai necklace as I'm wearing scarf kan. but now u have show me how. Bole la try lps ni. Thanks n have a nice day too :D

  9. haha..btul2...lagi2 yg jual stkt brg2 made in china/taiwan tu..kdg2 quality dia teruk!tp hrga..mak ai...
    btw,what's d price 4 all d necklaces dear?after 50%?heee...

  10. yup i agree, long cardigan mmg agak mahal dan susah nak cari yang berkenan.
    selalu saya jumpa jenis kain yg nipis je..