30 January 2010

Rizalman ibrahim hijabi ready to wear.....gotta love it

Assalamualaikum and how are you doing.I hope everyone is doing great.I know its been late but I still wanna wish :Happy New Year and wishing for a great life ahead.

I'm very sorry that I haven't update for months,reason being I've lost my sense of blogging.But I will not forget my vow when I made this blog,that I wanna improve my English,and make friend with the other sisters and exchanging views with them,especially issues related to muslimah and hijabi fashion.I love to see how the other sister talks about the importance of islamic dressing code and how they apply it to their everyday life no matter where they are.

So now I'm back,and I dont have many ideas on what to write,I did before listing some topic that I wanna write here,but that is last year and I totally had forgotten them

ok so first I wanna make a review about our own malaysian designer,Rizalman Ibrahim first ready wear muslima collection.The label is called "puteh" whichs translates to "white".Many of the design are primarily long loose tunic and caftan,which is very versatile and is a favourite among the hijabi celebrity in malaysia.I often see Ekin donning this kinda of style.Most of the design looks very elegant,with oriental inspire stones/beads detailing around the neck and the sleeve.I like the minimalist look with couture touch which he translate in his pieces.And the colors is inspiringly spring too...you can see hues of fuchsia,cobalt blue,soft tone yellow,satin grey,and the staple black.

I also would like to comment on this photo from sartorialist.I think it's the first time I saw hijabi photo in sartorialist(correct me if I'm wrong).This photo is undeniably great.The women put on an assemble like as if she is ready for the photo shoot.Her earring,her scarf,her bags all coordinates well.and the photo itself looks so professional,as if she's a real life model.Her expression,her smile....is so priceless.It shows how happy and wonderful she feels for being a hijabi.One aspiring picture i must say

On my quirky side,I'm longing this LuLu Guinness clutches,I want all of the colour available hehehe,of course,there's no harm in dreaming ;).I even got myself a handbag with a lippie opening and i love it to bits,but these clutches are just so girly and tempting,not the price though.

I close this entry with pictures of malaysian hijabi celebrity at the last IFF.I'm terribly sorry ,I have no idea what to write but i really miss to blog.I miss all of you my sister,I cant name all of you bcuz it maybe wont do fair but you know it.In malaysia and abroad....always in my remembrance.Take care for now .maas salama