14 July 2010

a sneak preview of kasyaf by Hatta Dolmat

hi and assalamualaikum.hows everyone doing.....I hope everyone is okay and under protection of Allah.Alhamdulillah im fine.This post gonna be a short post but with lost of pics to lust for :D hehehehe

Kasyaf is a new label of muslimah couture by a prominent young designer,Hatta Dolmat.

Quote from Hatta website :

For this collection,Hatta Dolmat popularized the use of lycra fabric in styling muslimah couture,in variety of design and silhouette,kasyaf tries to give something new to the high end women about muslimah couture through a modest design but still gives satisfaction in term of style

Chiffon fabric is still on demand in the market,for this reason Hatta try to expand the use of lycra in the local fashion scene

There are not much information yet about this collection,lets wait until the official launch or press covers.On my personal view,I like the collection,it looks exclusive,elegant,modern and modest.Although kaftan is so normal in the muslimah couture scene,I shouldn't judge bcuz he knows better and has made research related to hijabi style.The kaftan kurung is definitely a fresh new idea and these 2 pieces is great for mix and match.Most of the pieces are plain without prints with elaborate flares and decorated with fine detailing at the sleeves,body and shoulder area and .I'm not sure of the motive/pattern of the detailing but it translates to luxury.Color wise all comes in bright color.Overall,as the first attempt in making muslimah couture clothing,he succesfully injects haute couture into the design of this collection without compromising on modesty.

2 pieces kaftan kurung

saya suka kain yang terbang2 tu...lol...loves the flying flares .....so dreamy

lady in ahmar

green for islam......

my favourite bcuz i like the colour and the flowing flares

jangan main2 ni semua baju ribu riban..... :d ha gurau je ok

mr designer at work

Till we meet again....take care everyone