21 April 2010

the new rave....multi colour inner scarve

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and how are you? I hope everyone is doing great.I'm terribly sorry that I haven't update as frequent as before.But alas I'm really trying my best to live up my blog.So today I would like to write about the multi colour scarves.This style is kinds new here in Malaysia but I think I've seen in some photo of foreigner muslima wearing like this before.This style look very interesting and inspiring especially to be worn with shayla,long scarves or pashmina.

picture taken from butik Nara

picture taken from lorongsetia8.com


So did anyone went to to see the 1st Malaysia international shoe exhibition in pwtc 2 weeks ago? I went on the last day late that evening and they were already clearing the place.The exhibition room look nicely decorated with stage with chandelier lamps and some fancy couture dress.I happened to pass by Dato Jimmy Choo and I nodded and smile at him :) he was being ushered out from the room.I got to take these two stunning shoes pictures from Bill Keith booth

uber cute...... I dont mind to wear this anywhere lol.from Bill Keith

Look at the bling.....so tempting

The avant garde design.from Bill Keith

And these are pictures that i took from other websites

The ever famous Dato' Jimmy Choo

A whopping RM 230 K? oh ok ,thanks!

In my dreams....fi ahlam lol

I hope everyone have a good day ahead.......Take care for now and salam from me.bye bye