10 November 2009

Current obsession : animal prints

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Animal print, or leopard print, is a clothing and fashion style in which the garment is made to resemble the pattern of the skin and fur of an animal such as a Leopard, Cheetah, Zebra or Giraffe. Animal print is also used for handbags and footwear and even some jewelry. [1] A major difference between animal prints and fur clothing is that animal prints today very often use fake fur instead of animal coat.

Ok.First,first and first,let me happily sing the madagascar theme song.I like to move it ,move it :P she loves to....move it ......So lets move along with the safari journey

Wearing all black and gray for the winter can be so blah.With the trends such as stud and sequin,it could jazz up the look but not everyone can adopt to the glam chic or the bikers chic look.I mean,where am I going to wear sequins in the daytime, and I don't want to be looking like a "lost" punk chic with all the metal studs and after all,too many girls is wearing stud accessories in KL right now,glad with studs,bag with studs whatsoever

I like how the animal prints dominates this season.Leopard,zebra prints,giraffe prints,snake skin,you name it......wearing a faux animal skin/prints adds a glamorous and luxurious touch to your look.It also brings the wild side of you

The look @ Jaspal

I'm officially hooked to the zebra prints bcuz I love the white and black combo,its so gorgeous to my eyes.aren't zebra beautiful.tall and outstanding I'm never really into animal prints but I dont know why suddenly I become crazy of zebra prints .I actually have this handbag from kathy van zeeland,with black and white leopard prints,with faux fur and all that,but when I bought this bag I wasn't very happy bcuz on the first the day I use it,one of the stud is missing and later on many part of the interior stitches tear apart.I was thinking it was such a low quality bag,nonetheless I get so many compliment on the bag

Bought this at Stage,pavillion nearly 2 years ago.Will show the real picture later,it has totally worn out.Not sure if the store still exist or not.They sell american brand such as steve madden,betsey johnson,Jlo,Jessica simpsons and kathy van zeeland.

So if I were to buy one item with zebra prints,I'd love to have a handbag.Gottta look around for that,something that suit my budget .For the meantime,I'm salivating over this.....

This collection is from coach and they are so amazingly gorgeous.Wear it high or low with the long strap.love the gold chain strap

The key to wear animal prints is moderation.You don't deck head to toe with animal prints unless you going on safari visit to Kenya.That said,the safest way is to choose one piece that you'd like to wear and try to match with our outfit,for example a belt,scarf,coat,handbag or shoes.This pump is freakin fabulous

ASHLEY HEEL from Coach

pink strips......uber cute from betsey johnson


Jasna@chictopia.Beautiful combination.zebra prints with purple cardigan and shawl

On the other note,I'm so broke and wishing for a handbag,it looks like the below picture,black colour,same shape,same strap,minus the studs,with front opening.I saw the bag somewhere,the last pieces ,selling at RM 120++ ,while this one is only Rm65 but its sold out.Sob....sob.... :(

Till we meet again,wish you all sisters a lovely day.miss all of you tough