28 August 2009

Beautiful muslim princess all over the world

When it come to the subject of princess,one automatically will be reminded of the late Princess Diana.She's such an icon remembered by everyone.A true princess at heart,she carries the aura and persona a gracious and much loved princess

Talk about muslim princess,highlight were given to the glamorous and brilliant Queen Rania of Jordan.Dabbed as one of Forbes 100 Most Power Women,with the access and quality that she posses she raise the image of muslim women and correct the misconception to the western world.She leads a revolutionary movement throughout the Middle East and the world for women.She leads many organizations and charities

Its not easy to be a princess.All eyes on you.Everyone wishes to be a princess,but seriously,can we be one like them?Can we bear they responsibility that they bear.

Lets get to know our beautiful muslim princess

Queen Rania of Jordan

Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein of Jordan/Uae

Princess Iman of Jordan

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan/Uae

Saudi Princess Nouf bint Bandar Al-Saud

(Macam muka azza elite)

Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum of Dubai

Sheikha Hanadi bint Nasser bin Khaled Al Thani of Qatar

Ada iras2 ziela jalil,kan?

Princess Sarah of Brunei

Princess Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah of Brunei

Permaisuri Nur Zahira.Present Malaysia Queen

Princess Siti Aisyah.Past Malaysia queen

Tengku Amalin Aisyah of Kelantan,Malaysia

Tuanku Zara Salim ,from Kedah/Perak royalty.Malaysia

Cantiknya mata bulat dia

Raja Syahirah Aisyah,Terengganu Royalty.Malaysia

Mata sepet pun cantik kan?

Tunku Aminah of Johor royalty.Malaysia

Rantai dia ni boleh matching dengan gelang yang

saya beli semalam :P


  1. sume pun born pretty..tp sayang xsume pkai tdg kan?

    1. Bute ke? Ade yg pkai lah

    2. ko pon bute ke...xbace btol2 ke..kan ayt die camni "tp sayang xsume pkai tdg kan?"

  2. bukan semua tak pakai tudung
    tengku amalin aisyah tu pakai.dia graduate uia.kerja plak magistrate kat kelantan mana boleh tak pakai tudung
    permaisuri siti aisyah pakai
    permaisuri nur zahirah pakai
    bruinei pakai most of time la
    yang arab,princes saudi ngan qatar tu pakai
    yang princess dubai tu rasanya not hijbi sebab dia atlet tae kwan do.masuk olimpik lagi

  3. subhanallah!!=)) cantiknye princess arab tu kan..subhanallah=)) lagi2 princess lalla salma of morocco.. wowww.yelah..orang arab katakan..terbayang di minda macam mana wajah Khadijah r.a, Aisyah dan Fatimah kan..hehe

  4. Adinda kepada Princess Majeedah of Brunei; Princess Hafizah much prettier sight

  5. princess hafizah much pretty:)

  6. Hi...someone once asked on another blog why the princesses from Jordan usually don't wear hijab...is Jordan more lenient when it comes to hijab?

  7. shame most of the al-Aziz Al Saud men are gay and far from islam, so no one knows what these "cute" princesses are up to either.

  8. Astagfirrullah ...how dare you say AL Saud family is sodomite? Sometimes the crime of the one that exposes sins is greater than the sinner himself. Remember Hadith about be commanded to avoid slander even if it is true ...of course they should wear hijab but that doesn't make them prostitutes.. these types of comment bring delight to no one save perhaps an evil Israeli.

  9. salam and hi everyone,i think we should not write anything provocative in here.i agree that slander is very bad and we as a muslim should not talk bad about other people,even if its true.its between them and Allah.peace everyone

    1. I think u should remove this entry lor! Many negative judgemnt ..

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  11. balik balik hal tudung orang melayu ni islam tu tudung tudung tu islam ke? BUKA MATA LAH SIKIT!

  12. sangat cantik.. pasai tudung tak tudung.. itu hal tuan punya badan.