06 August 2009

Malaysian celebrity wedding...

Since famous songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza started the trend of fully covered hair during the solemnization process,many of other celebrity has follow her footstep.Before her times,many bride's doesnt really care much about covering their hair properly,with many just donned a sheer veil.Properly worn hijab is essential especially if the nikah is held in a masjid.

Most of the new bride and groom goes white on their nikah day(as cliche as it is-to symbolise a pure new beginning),and goes to their choosen theme colour for another reception for family and friends.The dress that they wear usually are traditional inspired dress with a modern twist.From what i observe,most of them opted for a modern long kebaya with imported european luxury fabrics such as french lace,silk,chiffon,satin silk and beads and stones.

Here's some picture of how basically malay girls look like on their nikah day.Eventhough i'm showing dazzling celebrity picture's,but more or less you can get the idea of what the hijabi here is wearing on their Nikah day.I hope these picture can give you some inspiration ....

Siti Nurhaliza.Songstress.I'm sort of thinking that her dress is too "heavy",too much detaling.She should tone down all those bling,maybe take away her giant tiara,perhaps?Or change her crystal flower into a more natural ones?

Intricate details on the dress

Diana Rafar.Actress

Princess Shahirah Aishah.From Terengganu royalty

Opting for simple look and clean cuts,no heavy details,suits her young age

Princess Zara Davidson.Married to Perak Royalty.Comes from Kedah royal family.She looks so gorgeous and gracious

The ever stunning princess sitting on the royal dais

Erra Fazira.Film Actress.Her long dress is so elegant without over detailing

Sari Yanti. Actress.Dramatic and mysterious looking with niqab ala khaleeji style

This picture down is not a celebrity picture.Not forgetting the tradition,this bride opt for songket fabric,made into traditional baju kurung pahang(baju kurung with waist cut) .No glittery blings here.I also like her round and large embroided veil.It looks so appropriate.Overall,she really look stand out minus the bling.

Example of happy muslim couple


  1. Mashallah i love these malay style dresses, my dad use to live in Singapore and we use to go to all the wedding shops and just stare at the beautiful bride and groom outfits.

  2. Hi samra,i myself too always hooked whenever i pass by bridal shop....u reminds me of those moment :)

  3. love this one--->Princess Shahirah Aishah.

    it's so clean n neat. sometimes, less is more.

  4. yes sanaa,i couldnt agree more,she's young,fresh face and naturally beautiful.she dont need all those bling to lingthen up her look

  5. The dress of the princess Princess Shahirah Aishah. was sooo beautiful
    It looks really classy and simple.
    The other ones was beautiful but a bit to MUCH.

    : )

    salam alaykom

  6. in one of the pictures, 3rd from bottom i think, that guy looks so funny, like he's about to run away or something!

  7. :) haha yes nollie,looks like he's running for her.Actually this couple have lots of nice candid photos,but i only show appropriate photo here. :)

  8. Wow!!Mash'Allah gorgezz pics JazzakAllah sis

  9. how to get niqab for my friend engagement...

  10. you have beutiful royals in malaisia! and they 're more with their hijab,i wish i'll viit Malaisia before i get married to get a briede dress just like aisha shahira!


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