31 August 2009

Kurma dari Israel.....Dates from Israel

please watch this Israel Dates
The problem is that outside of the Middle East, the price of dates skyrockets.
Israeli dates are as cheap as chips so naturally, buyers like Carrefour and Asda will take the lowest priced products.

One could assume that many of the Iftar buffets and bistros at the InterContinentals and Hyatts around the world are supplied by the same dealers.
And not just dates! Apples, oranges, bananas, bed-sheets, truck tyres - maybe even vital medicines and bandages used to patch you up in an accident.

God protect us!


Wedding gift-how much are you worth?

I'm intrigued to write about this issue after seeing a local celebrity who is a long time millionaire,giving his new bride only RM 3000 as the wedding gift.He said he give all of his true heart and love as the wedding gift.In Malay culture, a wedding gift is a must along with the mahar,which usually consist of cash and lavish gifts such as jewelery,expensive handbags and shoes,mobile phone,expensive cosmetics,sweets such as cakes and gourmet chocolate.There is even a girl with wedding gift of RM444,444.44 and mahar of RM22,222.22,divorce after a year.Now,I understand in some culture like arab and pakistan,this amount is normal,but not to our culture.

Example of wedding gift

Example of wedding gift

Generally,there are 4 types of bride

1)The humble bride-I conclude this is the people with wedding gift of Rm10,000 or less
2)The standard figure bride-Anything between RM10,000 to RM 20,000
3)The proud and show off bride-ridiculous figure and love to play with number with a symbolic excuse
4)The secret bride-will not tell the amount

Expensive mahar has become such a trend in our community lately.Its like a symbol of pride among new bride.The higher the better.It seems that these type of people is so proud to announce "their value".To read about new bride getting wedding money/gift with preferable and extraordinary number as they claim-RM 77,777, RM 33,333.33,RM 11,111.11,makes me grasp for breath.As if their other lavish wedding gift is not enough for them

Now I'm opposed to this idea of exorbitant money .Its becoming a trend and its not healthy at all.It cause riak.(رياء). It cause influence among other bride to be.It's burdening the future husband and cause them to borrow here and there.Its not good to start a new life together with debts.It cause the man to think twice to get marry and makes some of them delaying marriage ,involve sin with their partner.It really doesn't matter how much money your future husband have,but as a Malay I think we should always preserve our humble sifat,right?A low mahar doesn't make us less valuable.In Rasullullah hadis from Aisyah,The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) have said: "The most blessed marriage is the one with the least expenditure".(Hadis riwayat Al-Baihaqiy)

From Aisyah,The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said: "The blessing of a woman is in making her engagement easy and in making her dowry affordable."(Hadis riwayat Al-Baihaqiy)

The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) told a poor companion may Allaah be pleased with him who was poor and did not have anything to give as a dowry to his wife: "Give her even a ring of iron."(Hadis riwayat Bukhari)

Imam al-Shafi’e narrated in his book al-Umm from Abu Yahyah that he said: 'I asked Imam Rabeeah about the minimum Mahr, he said, any amount that is agreed on by both parties. I said, ‘If it is only a Dirham?’ He said, ‘Even if it is half a Dirham.’ Then I said, ‘If it is less than that,’ he said, ‘yes, even if it is a handful wheat or a seed of wheat’.

In the time of Rasullullah S.A.W,there's even a poor man who give ayat quran as the mahar for his bride.How noble is that.

I think we should educate our people,that instead of giving the customary RM80 mahar,why not we raise the mahar value and lower down the wedding gift

I know of 2 Malaysian celebrities with a humble wedding money.Zahnita,a famous model and part time actress,married few years ago with a wedding money of RM5,000.She said her wedding day was such a blessing that people that come in to her wedding give them money(a traditional practice to donate money to the host) that can buy her a Proton Gen 2 car(approximately RM55,000 ) and Alhamdulillah this girl living happily with her husband and a baby girl

Zahnita modelling at Islamic fashion festival IFF kuala lumpur

Zahnita modelling at Islamic fashion festival IFF kuala lumpur

Another one is Norman of KRU.Being a big boss in big entertainment production,he is determine to not marry the glam and glitzy local celebrities,and choose to end his bachelor life with a women older than him(following sunnah) ,and giving her only RM3000 as the wedding gift.

I really hope that the sister out there will stay humble and not burden your partner when it comes to the wedding issue.The whopping amount spend will not guarantee our happines and continuity of our marriage.Whats important is the blessing that we got from our marriage.If since earlier the value of the wedding is benchmark by money,what hope have we got?

28 August 2009

Beautiful muslim princess all over the world

When it come to the subject of princess,one automatically will be reminded of the late Princess Diana.She's such an icon remembered by everyone.A true princess at heart,she carries the aura and persona a gracious and much loved princess

Talk about muslim princess,highlight were given to the glamorous and brilliant Queen Rania of Jordan.Dabbed as one of Forbes 100 Most Power Women,with the access and quality that she posses she raise the image of muslim women and correct the misconception to the western world.She leads a revolutionary movement throughout the Middle East and the world for women.She leads many organizations and charities

Its not easy to be a princess.All eyes on you.Everyone wishes to be a princess,but seriously,can we be one like them?Can we bear they responsibility that they bear.

Lets get to know our beautiful muslim princess

Queen Rania of Jordan

Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein of Jordan/Uae

Princess Iman of Jordan

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan/Uae

Saudi Princess Nouf bint Bandar Al-Saud

(Macam muka azza elite)

Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum of Dubai

Sheikha Hanadi bint Nasser bin Khaled Al Thani of Qatar

Ada iras2 ziela jalil,kan?

Princess Sarah of Brunei

Princess Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah of Brunei

Permaisuri Nur Zahira.Present Malaysia Queen

Princess Siti Aisyah.Past Malaysia queen

Tengku Amalin Aisyah of Kelantan,Malaysia

Tuanku Zara Salim ,from Kedah/Perak royalty.Malaysia

Cantiknya mata bulat dia

Raja Syahirah Aisyah,Terengganu Royalty.Malaysia

Mata sepet pun cantik kan?

Tunku Aminah of Johor royalty.Malaysia

Rantai dia ni boleh matching dengan gelang yang

saya beli semalam :P


27 August 2009

Pre-eid shopping

I went to sunway pyramid last nite to check on bib necklace.I arrive at around 9 pm.Not having much time,I rush to miss selfridge.They got one bib necklace with purple stones.But all the accessories are from Diva.They are on 50% discount.I left the shop,rushing to check other shop.A few shop forward,I found diva.I love this Australian brand,they categorize accessories by colours and all of their accessories are affordable and trendy.My eyes scanning the items hanging neatly on the display,and tadaaa....the first thing I spotted is a lace bib necklace,almost similar with the picture I put in previous post, with additional stones.Ok sabar....sabar...I told myself.I scan some more and i saw this one large stone bib,grab it and put it on.Its nice,quite large with a glamour touch to it.

@ miss selfridge

Black lace bib @ Diva , and my stones shayla's

Overall,there are some nice bib design at Diva.But mostly are black colour.I become confuse as which one to buy.I count my budget.haha.Try out a few bangles and bracelet,and after much consideration.....I bought two bracelet.One is this faux diamond and pearl bracelet to wear for eid,and one is gypsy coins bracelet for casual day outing.

I told myself I'll buy bib necklace after eid.Now what is important is to buy stuff for eid

And that's one of the reason why I excuse myself to buy a new wallet cum clutch.Its glossy,with a gold chain strap and a line of small stones to add the glamour touch to it.ceh perasaan hehe :D .I been thinking to buy this for quite some time,considering that almost all my bag are either normal size or supersize,and I'm not gonna toting them around during eid.

Eid hauls

Stacks of accessories to empty your wallet :d

I consider myself lucky to find something worth to buy within one hour.Most importantly its something that I like.Sometimes I roaming around mall for hours but couldn't really find something that I like and suit my budget.So whats your eid shopping list?


25 August 2009

Funny hijab pictures

Inspired to write about this after checking farah taufik blog.As weird as it look,I let the pictures to do the talking :D


24 August 2009

All i want for Eid is ....Bib necklace yang cantik

I know the trend of bib necklace has been going around for quite some time.They are called bib necklaces for the obvious reason of how it looks like a baby’s bib. It is broad and has linked stones or other elements stuck on together which makes everything look like they’re floating on your neck.Bib necklace is a great accessory to complement a plain and bold outfit.I've been adoring them but i haven't buy any yet.The thing is,my shopping zaman(time) is already over and I'm so....not into shopping.I hate to have tonnes of unused stuff and have to declutter my crib every now and then.I'm very particular when I shop,and only buy when I feel that I've found the best bargain

I've been luring over bib necklace but I haven't decide which type of necklace I'll go for.I like the elegance in the stone type,but also i love the casualty of the crochet one.I really sooo want to have this necklace as Eid gift for myself :).I want this more than anything even if have to cut my budget for another new clothes for eid lol

Here are some picture of bib necklace to feast your eyes :)

Lace Bib Necklace

Multi-Stone Bib Necklace by RANJANA KHAN@ Neiman Marcus

Leather floral bib necklace from Babetteworld's @ Etsy

Bridal inspired Vera Wang Rhinestone & Rosette Necklace

Colourful and playful crochet necklace

Tips on wearing bib necklace

The safest way to wear a bib necklace, of course, is on bare skin, well clear of the bustline of a simple, solid-colored dress or shell. This is prudent. It is also boring, and to be brutally honest, not many real fashionistas are wearing bib necklaces that way. The two trendiest ways to use this accessory may freak you out, but give ‘em a try.

1. On top of a fitted button-down shirt or shirt dress. Yes, really! Think of a futuristic Malene Birger nylon and acrylic bib necklace over a solid white Celine shirt dress. Or, if you're really daring, a striped Paul & Joe shirt dress. I dare you.

2. Over a fitted vintage tee. Even a tee with a bright color and a faded silkscreen print on it. You think, "Lo! How can this be?" But seriously. Do it. I recently attended a birthday dinner and sat across the table from a woman wearing exactly that getup, and it looked genius.

These necklaces were built for girls like us to have fun. Experiment! You'll be surprised at what works.

The most common way to wear a bib necklace is to choose an outfit with a straight cut strapless neckline. This will ensure the necklace is not competing for attention. Secondly, make sure the dress or blouse is simple – monotone works best. It’s okay to mix and match different textures. For example, pair a vintage
looking bib necklace with a silk cocktail dress for great contrast. Keep the rest of your accessories simple and streamlined for a winning combination.

If you’re going to wear a bib necklace casually, it’s fun and fabulous to wear rhinestones during the day with skinny jeans and flats. You can even try a bib necklace at work by pairing a burst of color with neutral colored pieces. Look for stones like turquoise and coral that work well with white or black. Don’t be afraid to try something new and have a little fun with your jewelry. Bib necklaces are a great (and elegant) way to do so. Plus, they can help you update and revive old favorites like an LBD or a favorite blouse. Packing a punch of style, bib necklaces are this season’s must have accessory.


23 August 2009

A message from muslima ink

For our first issue (deadline 5th September) we are particularly interested in Ramadan traditions and recipes from around the world. We would be grateful if you could help us recruit someone to do a short piece on Ramadan traditions in Malaysia (e.g street decorations, drinks and sweets, TV programs...etc) and/or Malaysian Ramadan recipes, with photos if possible.

Below is a message about Muslima.Ink. It would be great if you could forward this to your friends and anyone who might be interested in the project!


Muslima.Ink is a new online magazine for Muslimas, which aims to be dynamic, fun, and interesting. Because Muslima.Ink is a user-generated magazine written and edited by volunteers, we are always looking for editors and contributors. As an editor, you can commit as much or as little time as suits your schedule, while contributors can send in as many submissions as they choose.

We welcome both written contributions and/or photography and artwork. If you would like your work to be featured in Muslima.Ink, please send your contribution to muslima.ink@live.com as an email attachment.

Your written piece can be as long or short as you like, and any genre of writing is welcome: stories, poems, articles, interviews, media analysis, reviews of books and films, travel guides, cultural news, health & fashion tips, recipes, careers and study advice...etc. The only limit is your imagination!

Help us spread the word by joining the Facebook group, and forwarding this message to anyone you think might be interesting in being part of the project!


If you have any ideas or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes,
Tasnim Qutait


So girls out there,if you love writing articles,this is your time to give it a try.If you not into writing,you can send photos,recipes from your place,poems,art related pieces and so on.Together lets support this project and contribute towards development of this project

21 August 2009

when the arab speaks malay,why we not speak arabic

Arabic is such a beautiful language.Undoubtedly,as a muslim,you will have this special feelings to learn the language.Especially when you listen to beautiful Quran recitation and and pondering about the meaning behind those beautiful sounds that you hear.Now,I have to admit that to learn the formal arabic language is "so difficult".It seems that some people can take the difficulty and some not.In school they teach you the same grammar every year for 5 years,fe'el madi,fe'el mudorik,fe'el amar....and u tries to memories the countless pronouns....ana(I),nahnu(we),antum(all of u-men),antunna(all of u-women).....
Some of us giving up,citing that arabic is very difficult.I was one of them.But after my school years,I fall in love with arabic language through friends and songs.I got the opportunity to befriend with some arab friends and I'm enjoying to learn the non formal arabic(ammiyah).I have to admit that to learn something you need patience and perseverance.If you interested in arabic,and you feel hard to digest the formality of the grammar,you can try by practicing easy words and get an arab friend and learn with them.

I'm very excited when the arab speaks malay for daawah purpose.Take example of ustazah dr fatma az-zahra.Hails from Egypt,she meet her husband while he was studying in Egypt.They wed and come back to malaysia,where she open up her clinics in kelantan,preaching daawah while treating her patient.I have read somewhere that,during that times,there are not so many women wearing hijab,and people around were gossiping that she is bald,and that's why she was covering.Such is the shallow thinking of the people back then.I have to admit that in the 70's not so many malaysian women wearing hijab,even my father was studying in islamic school during his secondry year and the female student were wearing hijab with hair bangs.How ridiculous,when all of religious school in malaysia now impose a round large hijab as their uniform.Anyway,back to dr fatma,she is now a prominent figure in malaysia,awarded the datuk(sir) title,sought after by many people to give lectures.Everytime i saw her lecture on tv,I'm totally hooked.They way she talk is so soft and gracious.When I hear her talk,i feel like i want to cry and embrace her.

I for sure know some arab here that speak fluent malay.But I feel touch when there are people learn my language to help sharing knowledge and daawah.For example,ustaz abdul aziz,a syariah graduate from university al azhar.In the video,he said that he learn malay because he feel pity for some malay student studying in al-azhar,struggling to learn their kitab(books) because of their failure to master the formal arabic.He was very dedicated to learn malay language that he memorize ten new words everyday.It took him many years to master malay language,which I must say,subhanallah,very fluent and I'm impressed.Ustaz Abdul Aziz also has been working in some educational institution in malaysia.When i see this ustaz on the video,I can relate on how a beautiful muslim man he is.In every words he utter,there's no bad words or something provoking.He even compliment about malay people.I mean,our mouth is amanah from Allah,and Allah give us mouth to recite syukur,to recite zikir to Him,to whisper only good words.

18 August 2009

Malaysian muslimah-Their choosen attire

One of the reason that I make this blog is because I wanted to share with the people out there about the hijabi scene in malaysia.This is because I often stumble upon malaysian hijab and clothing articles in other non malaysian sisters.they show interest on our square tudung bawal,baju kurung and they adore our wedding dress.I got the urge to make this blog so that I could share with the sisters out there who would like to know more about what the hijabi here wear and about our culture.Please take note that I'm not promoting certain way of dressing,I would fairly write about any hijabi dressing style.If I saw a sister wearing her hijab and her chest and all her body covered,i would say : Alhamdulillah,and I would pray for her to dress better if there's something misssing in her dressing

The hijabi youngsters here love to wear casual,by means they love the casualty of western clothing.Some wear it right,with t-shirt long enough to cover their hands and bottom,but sadly,some not.Some groups of young women prefers to wear traditional clothes like baju kurung and baju kebaya,and you can see many of them in town clad in their traditonal clothes going out and about their business.

Young women love to wear casual

A minority of youngsters choose jubah(jalabiya) and niqab/purdah as their daily wear.They usually pair their jubah with a tudung bulat(a large scale round shape hijab).

Jubah paired with large round hijab and niqab

The older aunties,usually choose long blouse with long skirts.But still,many loves baju kurung.Baju kurung is one of our traditional dress.It's a long sleeve knee length dress,paired with the matching long skirt.Baju kurung is also the traditional clothes for the Malay people in Riau,Indonesia,Singapore, Brunei,and surprisingly,I found this in Wikipedia,Cocos Island in Australia,where the malay minority still lives there.There are a few types of baju kurung ,namely baju kurung kedah,baju kurung pahang,baju kurung cekak musang,baju kurung moden and baju kurung johor.The fabric for baju kurung varies,from cotton,chiffon to silk.Over times,baju kurung has evolve into many "moderm design" tu suits the younger generation taste.Baju kurung is the official wear in government agencies and also offical school uniform.Malaysian women loves the baju kurung so much that you can sometimes see chinese and indian women wear it,especially on friday.Chinese and indian school girl wearing baju kurung uniform is also a common sight in here.

Baju Kurung

Baju kebaya is a button down long dress,with waist cut,paired with matching long skirt.This outfit is body hugging,but some hijabi tailored it loose so its not too tight on them.Its the preferred outfit for wedding as well.Baju kebaya is also the traditional dress for Indonesian women and peranakan women(a chinese minority group that adapt to malay culture).During old days baju kebaya and baju kurung is the daily wear for the women.My grandmother is still wearing these two outfit as her daily wear.

A long kebaya

A modern take on kebaya

A short kebaya peranakan.Heavy embroidery with floral motive

What the women here wear,maybe not much different from other oriental muslim country.Where you can see a variety of dressing style,where traditional identity clash with the modernity wave.


Welcome Ramadhan......Marhaban ya Ramadhan