13 August 2009

Sharifah Khasif Fadzillah-A soul with a love for Al-quran

With her casual and laidback look,Sharifah Hasif Fadzilah Syed Badiuzzaman looks like a typical malaysian hijabi.But deep inside,she's no ordinary girl because she recently won the women category of the 51th international tilawah Al-Quran competition,an annual competition held in malaysia since 1961.

Sharifah khasif is a bright 27 years old lass who is a well known qariah and has been participated in many tilawah competition.Typically in malaysia,when it comes to the images of qariah,hafeezah(a woman that memorize alquran) and ustzah(religious teacher) they were associated with certain islamic dressing style such as jubah(long jalabiya),very very big hijab and niqab.But contrary to the people stereotype,Sharifah khasif proves that dressing appearance doesn't matter to her.She is a modern qariah that is not shadowed by those image.

As quote,she said :

-To me,let fashion against the wave,but not against the aqidah.About clothing choice or fashion,ask your heart.What important is honesty(ikhlas).Only god knows whether we are ikhlas or not.There's no need to shadow the sight of public by wearing such clothing.Its better just to be yourself.

-Even though I'm a qariah,it doesn't mean that i have to dress up like a ustazah,wearing a large hijab with niqab and wearing stocking.Thats not who i am..I'm comfortable with my style,simple and laid back.I have to be honest with myself

-What is important is holding tight to your aqidah and know how to limit between halal and haram.I'm also aware ,of how to style hijab and dress up according to age and situation.

Not having a formal islamic education,she is raised by her strict father to learn Al-Quran since a young age.Her family upbringing teaches her to read Al-Quran every time after each prayer.Her father would send her and her brothers to learn alquran in masjid and various places.She also has participated in many Al-Quran competition since the age of 7.As the result,she is now fluent of 7 style of taranum(way of reciting Al-Quran with certain style/rhyme) which is bayati, soba, nahwand, rast, sikah, hijaz, dan jiharkah.She credit her late father for her sucess that has bring her all over the world,from Iran to South Africa

I adore Sharifah Khasif,for her to change the perception of muslimah dressing in my country.Because over here,there are still many people that would judge you by what you wear.For example,if you're an Islamic teacher,you're often subjected to certain islamic dressing image,people would expect you to wear like that.And you will wear according to what this people verify to avoid their fitnah.I must say that her image is an eye opener to the people here to not judge people by what they wear


  1. "Even though i am a qariah,it doesn't mean that i have to dress up like a ustazah,wearing a large hijab with niqab and wearing stocking.That's not who i am..I have to be honest with myself"

    Wearing stocking doesn't make you a ustazah.
    It has nothing to do with being ustazah or being fashionista or about ikhlas or not.
    It is to cover your aurah properly.

  2. I found this article that discus about whether feet is part of aurah or not


    In Al-Mufassal Dr Abb Karim Zaidan its written one special chapter about feet,with title "Is women feet count as aurah?" (Refer Al-Mufassal fi Ahkam al-Mar ah wa al-bait al-Muslim fi al-Syari’ati al-Islamiah , volume 3 , problem 2282 ,page.198)

    He said that the question of women feet as aurah or not,is still something that is khilaf(difference opinion on certain issue)among ulama of mazahab.To simplify:

    1)mazhab hanafi-women feet is not part of aurah

    2)mazhab maliki-some ulama defines feet as aurah,and some disagree.However,the end opinion is feet is not aurah

    3)Mazhab syafie-feet is aurah

    4)Mazhab hambali-feet is aurah

    wallahu'lam bissawab

  3. like the articles you put above..
    wheter feet is part of aurah or not..most of the mazhab agree that feet is part of aurah..

    and imagine when you perform your solat,you cover all from top to toe(including your feet right?)because that is aurah.

    So,when you're going out to mall etc,feet isn't aurah anymore?

    i never heard about aurah in solat different with aurah in the mall or aurah in tv or what so ever by any mazhab.have you?

    so who is not being ikhlas with theirself?

  4. Salam'Alaikum.

    Sister, wouldn't u prefer to promote proper ways to cover our aurah according to Quran Sunnah rather than showing inappropriate hijab that shows the wearer's hair, neck and chest area? Hijab means veiling urself from the other side. If the other side can still see ur hair, neck and chest, is that proper hijab? Wallahua'lam. Allah knows best. I love all my Muslim sisters regardless how they look like. But I would love if all sisters could start following Quran Sunnah rather than putting too much effort in fashion to look good. Sometimes it could lead us to 'riak'. Na'uzubillahiminzalik. Allah saves all Muslim women. Amin.

    U said it urself my dear sister : 3)Mazhab syafie-feet is aurah

    Malaysia follows Mazhab Syafie, InshaAllah (well, most of things anyway).

    A lot of people are against niqab wearing. They use a weak (dhoif) hadith that says "Rasulullah SAW when asked what is not aurah for a woman, he showed his face and his palms. If that is being used against us, niqab wearers, it still shows that Rasulullah never shows at his feet as 'NOT AN AURAH'.
    Wallahua'lam. Just my opinion after careful consideration.
    No heart feeling sister.
    People says 'the truth hurts. medicine is bitter, but it's good for health'.

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  6. Allah knows best, and I was definitely not talking bout Ms.Sharifah. She's beautiful. :) I was merely commenting on the khilaf about whether feet is aurah or not :)

  7. salam nurul,i didnt remove ur first comment.did u remove it urself....i didnt even get the chance to read what u wrote.Nonetheless,lets not argue about what she wears.Whatever she wears,at least,she is still much better than me.She has the quality that we dont possessed.She's a notable person in our country.How i wish i can read quran like her.well at least.....

  8. Got a few spelling mistakes coz my keyboard got stucked (really need to buy new one), so I removed it myself. Almost the same comment. No worries :)
    Happy Ramadhan ya sister :)

  9. ı wanna a quran recitior.muammer za or chamuıdu or somebady.he was reading ali imran and rahman surah.if who know pleas help me!!

  10. ..you are so concern about her fashion of dressing...dia kan dah tutup aurat...korang rasa korang punye tutup aurat je yg betul ke..? bila suruh baca Quran tergagap-gagap...sedar la diri Nurul...jangan rase bagus tapi kau la yg riak !

  11. The Power of Voice is the Greatest Secret Given to Those Allah SWT Has chosen. Know that Asraar to unveil More Permanent BLISS and Peace.WASALAM DR ISMAIL

  12. Alangkah baiknya jika Cik Sharifah, yg telah dikurniakan Allah kepandaian sebegini menitik beratkan sedikit tentang aurat wanita yg sebenar-benarnya di perintahkan Allah. Banyak sekali fesyen sekarang yg stylish, cantik dan teramat modest. Cik Sharifah memang terlalu cantik akan kelihatan lebih cantik.

  13. Bila ustazah moden berkata. Tepuk dada, tanyalah iman.

  14. Hijab is an outfit of honour and the people who are closer to Allah (swt) should observe it more. Though real elevation is being close to Allah (swt), those who are considered to be in a high position in society, for example, a lady who is more educated than others, such as Qariah , doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers or university lecturers should dress in hijab more because Allah (swt) Himself has offered them this clothing of honour.

  15. Umm Salamah, the wife of the Holy Prophet, (s) said:One day Maymunah and I were with Prophet Muhammad (s) and Ibn Umm Maktum who was blind came to see the Prophet (s). The Prophet (s) asked us to have our hijab. We said: “O Apostle of God! Ibn Maktum is blind and is not able to see us”. The Prophet (s) said: “Aren’t you able to see him?”Thus, it is not proper for a lady to appear without hijab next to an un-related man, even if he is blind.