24 August 2009

All i want for Eid is ....Bib necklace yang cantik

I know the trend of bib necklace has been going around for quite some time.They are called bib necklaces for the obvious reason of how it looks like a baby’s bib. It is broad and has linked stones or other elements stuck on together which makes everything look like they’re floating on your neck.Bib necklace is a great accessory to complement a plain and bold outfit.I've been adoring them but i haven't buy any yet.The thing is,my shopping zaman(time) is already over and I'm so....not into shopping.I hate to have tonnes of unused stuff and have to declutter my crib every now and then.I'm very particular when I shop,and only buy when I feel that I've found the best bargain

I've been luring over bib necklace but I haven't decide which type of necklace I'll go for.I like the elegance in the stone type,but also i love the casualty of the crochet one.I really sooo want to have this necklace as Eid gift for myself :).I want this more than anything even if have to cut my budget for another new clothes for eid lol

Here are some picture of bib necklace to feast your eyes :)

Lace Bib Necklace

Multi-Stone Bib Necklace by RANJANA KHAN@ Neiman Marcus

Leather floral bib necklace from Babetteworld's @ Etsy

Bridal inspired Vera Wang Rhinestone & Rosette Necklace

Colourful and playful crochet necklace

Tips on wearing bib necklace

The safest way to wear a bib necklace, of course, is on bare skin, well clear of the bustline of a simple, solid-colored dress or shell. This is prudent. It is also boring, and to be brutally honest, not many real fashionistas are wearing bib necklaces that way. The two trendiest ways to use this accessory may freak you out, but give ‘em a try.

1. On top of a fitted button-down shirt or shirt dress. Yes, really! Think of a futuristic Malene Birger nylon and acrylic bib necklace over a solid white Celine shirt dress. Or, if you're really daring, a striped Paul & Joe shirt dress. I dare you.

2. Over a fitted vintage tee. Even a tee with a bright color and a faded silkscreen print on it. You think, "Lo! How can this be?" But seriously. Do it. I recently attended a birthday dinner and sat across the table from a woman wearing exactly that getup, and it looked genius.

These necklaces were built for girls like us to have fun. Experiment! You'll be surprised at what works.

The most common way to wear a bib necklace is to choose an outfit with a straight cut strapless neckline. This will ensure the necklace is not competing for attention. Secondly, make sure the dress or blouse is simple – monotone works best. It’s okay to mix and match different textures. For example, pair a vintage
looking bib necklace with a silk cocktail dress for great contrast. Keep the rest of your accessories simple and streamlined for a winning combination.

If you’re going to wear a bib necklace casually, it’s fun and fabulous to wear rhinestones during the day with skinny jeans and flats. You can even try a bib necklace at work by pairing a burst of color with neutral colored pieces. Look for stones like turquoise and coral that work well with white or black. Don’t be afraid to try something new and have a little fun with your jewelry. Bib necklaces are a great (and elegant) way to do so. Plus, they can help you update and revive old favorites like an LBD or a favorite blouse. Packing a punch of style, bib necklaces are this season’s must have accessory.


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  2. Hi,

    I wonder how to match this bib necklace with hijab.


  3. hi,u can refer to some of these picture here,basically there is no problem for hijabi to wear bib necklace,it depends on how low they wear their hijab.





    hope this helping u