15 October 2009

Salam everyone....i really miss all of you

Dear my fellow bloggers and readers,assalamualaikum and how are you.I hope everyone is okay and in their best of health.I'm very sorry for not updating for such a long time,its just that,after one week of eidilfitri,i told myself that i'll start updating my blog,but then ,everyday i found myself procrastinating my plan.I'd say...ok i feel lazy and dint know what to write for today,i'll do it tmrw......the procrastination goes on.but anyway....

Talk about eidilfitri and I know some of u will say,oh that's past already,well yeah u may be right but in Malaysia there's a saying : fasting one month,eidilfitri also one month :) People in Malaysia celebrates the blessed month of syawal as the celebration month,the months to visits old friends and relatives,near and far.For the whole one month our house door is open to everyone to visit and also families arrange "open house"( eid gathering) throughout the whole month.

Moving on from eid stories,I got some souvenirs from Oman.yes...i love Oman so much,from its warm people to its incense and perfume to Oman chips.I got a perfume from al-halal ,two shaylas,one superbig size 60 abaya I'm so small anyway :( ,lots of oman chips and strawberry flavoured puck cream and the ever yummy regal picon cheese.I'm just so happy even if I only receive a mountain dew drinks from oman...

In conjunction with the breast cancer awareness month,I pledge all of you to do the self check and give supports to the campaign.Show your supports,wear pink or buy products that supports and donate the campaign.I'm coloring my nail in pink for a day,with a black tip it looks fun.

suker 3x (suara upin ipin :d)

Pavillion KL in pink

KL Tower in Pink

Take care everyone and have a nice day