01 September 2009

Maxi how to

This post is dedicated to fairy,who asking about maxi dress for petite girl.Now even though the summer season has past in the west,but u can still incorporating this look in our tropical country.For a petite girl,you can look up at marie kate/ashley olsen and nicole richie as your style icon

My fav maxi style is to pair it with a denim jacket.It looks so casual.....If nicole folded the sleeve around her elbow,you can fold it around your wrist

Also you can pair maxi dress with a cardigan.....because that most maxi are printed with patterns,tone down the pattern with a plain cardigan and hijab.You can wear hijab with little print but not anything too crowded..

Maxi with jacket is also a good matching.I always seen Yuna pairing everything that she wear with jacket.A black leather jacket will do to add an edgy touch

Accessories wise,there's no need for heavy accessories with all those prints.All you need is your statement handbags and a pair of flats/sandal/gladiators.If your maxi is too long and sweep the floor,you can wear heels.As comfy and as relax as it is to wear maxi,one should enjoy the comfort of a flat as well.
Make sure you wear an inner wear if your maxi is showing your chest.And plz no funny layering.I know some girls layered their clothes to covered here and there,but some are as ridiculous as superman costume layering.It shows their bust line....body....I hope you know what I mean

So fairy I hope this post is helping you


  1. :) thanks for this entry. help me a lot.

    but still tak dpt cari lagi maxi yg berkenan.
    evermind, i will blog it later when i found it.

    Thanks zahra!

  2. Great entry,
    i love maxi dresses!
    mahu try with flats pula :)

  3. gadis2 yg kurus2 cntik la pkai kot?if yg ada 'kelebihan2' hehe..takot nmpk cam preggy :(

  4. salam...IFM radz radzwill n designer2 laen sumer wut kaftan utk runaway...tp cam kaftan dress laa. Maxi ni ramai org morocco pakai coz drg dekat ngn france,so byk pengaruh dr saner. i ske maxi ala2 14th-19thcentury dolu2..cam citer pride n prejudice-and to be jane-jane austen. ade tgk simply gorgeous maxi kat hijabi boutique, but i pendek lak harharhar.

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