04 September 2009

Foods I'd like to have for iftar

Salam everyone,because these 2 days I was sick so I'm wishing for all this good food ^_^

1)Gelato....especially mint.I like chocolate and mint combination.mint is a must :d I havent got chance to visit my fav gelato parlour this ramadhan yet

2)mango salad.Green mango slice

3)Strawberyy with chocolate.I like strawberry from Cameroon Highland they so nice and not sour at all.I also like strawberyy with cream and honey

4)Mac n Cheese

5) Nandos.The hot flavor grilled peri peri chicken is unforgettable

6)Cha-cha porridge.sweet traditional delicacies

7)Nasi kerabu.yeah people the rice colour is as blue as the sky hehe

8)Fattoush.crispy,tangy,all those black olive....simply irresistable


  1. salam=)) sedapnyerr...rase macam kan gi makan kat hotel.lol

  2. oh wow! u shud do malaysian recipes! id like to know how you make mango salad because it looks a bit similar to the bengali way of making it n i looooveee mango salad...actually i love quite alot of the food uve named!!

  3. As-Salāmu `Alaykum sister
    Omg That looks soo nice !
    I dont know what 6 7 and 8 are but im sure they taste really good :) i just had nandos todayyyyyyyyyyy yay, are u in Malaysia i didn't know they had Nando's there, i thought it was only in the UK.

    Anii xoxo

  4. assalamulaikum everyone.mawaddah,talking bout hotel buffet I havent got the chance yet this year.But i definitely love ramadhan hotel buffet I can sit there for hours lol.

    Dear lala,I'm not sure if i'll write about recipe cuz I myself not good in cooking ^_^ .The mango salad is originally is Thai food,but because we are neaghbouring country so we eat thai food as well.Its so mouth watering hehe

    Anii-star(sounds like star anise,one of asian spice),yes I'm from malaysia and yes there is nandos here,no 6 is a sweet porridge perfect for the evening tea time,no 7 is a local food as well, and no 8 is arabic food its a salad,they make it quite sour in restaurant but if u make it urself at home u can use little lemon juice only.Its healthy and crispy beacuse it has crackers

    anyway take care girls much love <3