01 September 2009

Long Strap bag,anyone?

Move over,large supersize bag.A new wave has come.The girls is ditching their supersize bag over the more humble size long strap bag.The beauty of the long strap handbag is that you can wear it cross-body, leaving your hands free as you make your way through the day. Love the structured long strap handbag against a flowy dress - a mix of the tailored and the romantic. Mix things up even more with a pair of gladiator sandals to add a bit of toughness to the look.

In kl,mostly that wear this type of bag are those vintage clad girl,but I'm a fan of this type of bag too.Large bag is convenient,I agree,but I found out that I'm carrying too many stuff with me eg: umbrella,novels/small magazine,body lotion,mineral water,sanitizer etc.Sometimes I find it hard to find stuff when a day I forgot to organize my bag,and all the things scattered inside and it took 5 mins full of patience to find a key!Also,carrying a heavy bag cause me shoulder pain,and I had to carry the bag with my hands sometimes to let go of the pain

Last year,I had a long strap bag that i wore it till it worn out.I love it so much,I was into grey and metallic at that time.I buy another bag after that,its black and I've been using it ever since.But now I'm gonna revert to this type of bag so that I don't hoard everything when I go out

My bag same with Elyana.jangan mare :P This is my last year bag

The sisters in London

Shea and Nabila.Ampun shea I pakai gambar u.I really that like bag


  1. Hahaha..its ok dear..terkejut gak mula2 ;p
    btw bag tu seriously nice!I bli kat korea...n yeah, i like those type of bags too,ever since! sbb sng..nak tukar2 beg pun sng,keluarkan isi sket je..yg penting2 je bwk :)

  2. eh lupe nak ckp,ur bag lagi la...to die ok!!dgn studsnye.. *drools*

  3. oh yes that's serena with her long strap bag!

    i love long strap bag too. i have few in my collections but not thinking of adding some. styles will change and i might be adding some other than long strap bags.

    bags are like accessories, so don't blame us!