05 September 2009

Lets makan-makan(eat)

Hi everyone.Assalamualaikum and how are u?I hope everyone is ok.I'm getting better alhamdulillah.Anyway I realized that in my previous post I featured lots of non-malaysian food.So for this post I'd like to show some of my favorite malaysian food.

1)Sambal Belacan.This a chilli paste we often make this paste to be eaten with selected
ulam [raw vegetable/herbs(beneficial for health and youthness)],and we dip it with anything that we like,for example with fried chicken,fried fish and so on

2)Chicken rice.Originally brought in by the chinese ancestors that migrates from china to malaysia.The rice is cooked with fragrant rice to ignites the aroma and chicken stock is used to make the yellow color of the rice.Serve with soy-sauce marinated chicken,plain chicken soup,chilli sauce and soy sauce

3)Satay.Barbecue chicken/meat skewers serve with peanut sauce,cube,rice,onion and cucumber.The marinated meat; chicken or beef, are skewered onto bamboo sticks and grilled over hot charcoals.

4)Ayam percik.Chicken grilled with bamboo stick,and simmer with sweet and sour hot sauce

5)Laksa-Thick rice noodles served in a tangy fish soup/gravy, made with mackerel and lots of aromatic herbs. Fresh garnishing of shredded cucumber, lettuce, pineapple, onion and fragrant mint leaves finishes the dish.

6)Ais kacang or ABC.Shaved ice mixed with different syrups and some jellies and nuts and red bean .Perfect on a blistering hot summer

7)Taufu-fa .Tofu served with palm sugar syrup or the normal white sugar syrup.Made from soya bean and very healthy snack

And below is a selection of porridge and kuih(dessert).We usually have these for breakfast or evening tea

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  1. haha i'm start salivating when i saw this post sis hehe

    nice one...